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GoToTraining Crashed

After our first (8-hour) webinar yesterday, I launched the test for the students.  A box opened on their screens with no test opened.   About 6-7 minutes later, the test appeared.  All of the students using Macs were unable to respond to the test, but the software reported 100% of the students had submitted their tests.  While this was happening, my computer froze and would neither allow me to address the webinar controls or exit the program.


I called support and was advised to have the students with Macs log out and back in.  This apparently worked for them, but my computer was still frozen.  I had to restart my computer and relaunch the training so I could end it.  I think there is a bug in the software.  Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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Re: GoToTraining Crashed

@psnikon  I apologize for that experience, it sounds like it was frustrating. 


Are you able to recreate the same behavior again? 

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Re: GoToTraining Crashed

This happened on Friday.  I will be in the virtual classroom with the instructor to finalize next Friday's webinar.  I will see if it happens again.