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Issues with users getting stuck in breakouts

A client of mine has been using GoToWebinar for a while, it has been working well, but we wanted to add more interactivity and try out GoToTraining.


We tried a first session with a small test group today and experienced some issues.

1. 3 people got stuck in the break-out room and had to log out of the stream and then log in again, the same thing happened to one user on iPad when using a Youtube-clip as an activity for the entire group.

2. When using videos (Vimeo in this case) as an activity, is there really no way to start the clip for the users? Otherwise users will have to wait in the session until organisers verify via chat that everybody is finished looking at the clip. This is not a great experience.

3. In the middle of a breakout session, three rooms became two. Some users did not even notice it and in this case ended up in a room where a discussion in a different language was ongoing. 

4. And finally, a question about functionality. As an organiser, how do you switch between different breakout rooms?

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We are experiencing similar problems with people actually not being able to join a breakout room. These users are joining the sessions using IOS devices (ipad and iphone). We reported the case to customer support and still haven't gotten a feedback. 

Same thing happens with videos, when sharing a video mainly via vimeo participants using ipad/iphone are unable to launch the video. The screen with the video appears but you are not actually even able to start.


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Video playback seems to work as intended for us, but users have massively different experiences during breakouts. Some cannot enter, some just get stuck, editing documents does not work and the Google Slides do not show up as intended. This tool does not seem like it is consistent enough to use as is. 


I was quite impressed with the stability and functioning of GTW so this is disappointing...

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I'm sooo frustrated too. 

There is always something coming up with Gototraining. We have a ticket opened with customer service but havenìt had a chance to follow up yet becuse we need time to run a trial session with different users to "recreate" the error encoutered. All this testing is time consuming and nervewrecking, today I was on the phone with customer service for yet another issue with webcams. And I was on the phone for 55 minutes trying to solve it, and guess what... Try a test session.


Honestly I'm quite disappointed and have serious doubts that we will be renewing the subscrition. I feel like I'm stuck with it, but I may just ditch soon and move to Teams or just plain old Zoom.