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New Experience ¦ Learner Views & Performance



First hour using the new GoTo experience, so far the UI looks fresh, a much welcome sight, however, there is a lot of lag vs classic.  Button presses to confirm basic actions can take several attempts, waiting time for the session I created to actually appear in the new app took some time, and finally on performance, it is using substantial system resources with one attendee added, whilst I'm sitting idle not sharing anything - so much so my fans are close to max rpm.


This last point is quite an important one, there will be many use cases where a session configuration will be required to have each learner start the session with a locked layout with "Hide everyone" applied pre-session by the organizer.  Asking everyone that's participating to change their view is impractical and should be easily configured with a settings switch.




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Re: New Experience ¦ Learner Views & Performance

Thanks for the feedback @Scotia !   


There's more to come in Q1 ...