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New Contributor


Hi there, when a person registers multiple people (e.g. 6 people) in GoTo training using the same email address they receive multiple emails (e.g. 6 separate emails) saying 'Your Registered' however I only receive one email confirming 'one' person has registered. In addition to this when I download my registration report it shows only 1 person has registered.  In essence the person/organisation registering multiple people to my training think they have registered more than one person as they receive multiple 'Your Registered' emails however my GoTo training account only alerts me to one registration.  As a result, I only charge the organisation for one registration not multiple. There is therefore an error/bug in the GoTo training automated registrant replies - a person should only receive one 'Your Registered' email, thereafter the email should say 'you can only register one person per email, please contact the organizer to register more than one person to this email address'. Hope this makes sense! Can you please help rectify this problem.

LogMeIn Contributor


@Donna8  I'm afraid we don't have a message to alert registrants that their email was already used, but I can leave this Community thread up as a future enhancement idea.