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New Contributor

Restrictions on Sharing Recordings

I have a few questions about sharing recordings with others:

  1. Is there any way of preventing users from sharing the URL to a recording with others?
  2. Is it possible to place a restriction on how many times a recording can be accessed, e.g. un-publish recording after 10 views? 
  3. Last question, my understanding is that viewers are required to submit their first name, last name and email address in order to access a recording. Is there any verification placed on these checks, e.g. email with a verification link sent to the submitted email address? Are there any additional identity checks available?
GoTo Moderator

Hi @barbora ,

There's no real security on recordings at this time; the links can be shared by anyone.  There is no verification process involved, except perhaps the proper email format / valid domain spelling. 

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Thank you for the clarification!