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Summary Report

It'd be really nice to have a summary option for reports. Here's why...


My teammates and I take turns conducting various training sessions for our customers. This means that we don't always know when individual customers have attended our live training sessions.


Currently, if I want to check to see if a customer has attended any sessions, I need to download an attendee report for each session, open each report and search for a particular attendee. We put on three sessions a week, so if anybody wants to go back and look to see what sessions a customer has done over the past 60 days, we need to download, open and review 24 separate files.


What I would really appreciate is the ability to select a date range as we currently can and be able to select a single report that would produce a sinlge file showing the attendees of all sessions between the dates selected. Below is an example of that selection and a report based on the current GTT offering.




gtm1.pngDate Selectiongtm2.pngSummary Report Example

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Summary Report

@wallad20  Have you alreay checked out the Administrator options for running Attendee reports?  These have a wider range of training sessions you may include into one report:

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Re: Summary Report

Thanks for the suggestion @AshC! Unfortunately, the linked support page suggests what information I can include on a report for an individual training session. I'm looking for a report that shows me that information for all training sessions between a set of dates. I have strong reason to believe this does not yet exist, so I'm intending my original post to be more of a feature request.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Summary Report

@wallad20  (Editied)   Sorry, I just double checked the reports available, and it seems the two data points you requested are not currently combined -- but inside separate reports.  Appologies for the oversight there.  We will be working on new GoToTraining and GoToWebinar features in 2019, so we will review feature gaps like this before considering any new enhancements.


Thanks for the feedback!