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Webinar via GoToTraining - how to automute attendees as they join?

We ran a webinar through GoToTraining and weren't sure how to set it up so that people were automatically muted as they joined in. We were manually muting people which proved tricky when everyone arrived at once. I read somewhere that by default attendees are automuted but this wasn't the case for us. Can someone help?
GoTo Moderator

Hi Louise,

GoToTraining has different audio behavior than our other services.  If you want all attendees muted before the start, make sure you join early, and hit that 'Mute All' button before attendees arrive.  This is considered a 'Hard Mute' when you tell GoToTraining to mute an individual, or every participant (Mute All), and attendees should not easily be able to unmute themselves again.

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Brian H2
Retired GoTo Contributor

Hi Louise,

In GoToTraining participants initially join unmuted. However, you can mute them a few different ways:

To mute or unmute a single attendee,
click the Audio icon next to their name. Plain green icons represent unmuted attendees, while icons with a slash through them represented muted attendees.
  • To mute all attendees, click the Mute All button at the bottom of the Attendees pane.

If you, as the organizer, have connected to the audio using telephone then you can also utilize phone commands to mute/unmute attendees.

*5 to change the "listening mode" of all attendees. Pressing this command repeatedly will cycle through the following modes:
  • Soft mute: All attendees are automatically muted, but they can unmute themselves if desired.
  • Hard mute: All attendees are automatically muted and cannot unmute themselves.
  • Unmute: All attendees are automatically unmuted (default mode).
GoToWebinar on the other hand, is different from GoToTraining, as all attendees join GoToWebinar sessions muted by default.

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New Contributor