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New Contributor

confused about the GoToTraining App

You will have to excuse me, I am definately not technical,  and not used the "GoToTraining" App before.


I have to attend a "Driver Awareness Scheme Webinar" in a weeks time and instructed to load the "GoToTraining" App from the Apple App Store for my ipad mini 2.


But when I click on the link I am instructed to load "GoToMeeting" App before i can click the Join link.


Which I have just done.


Is this normal, do I need the  two apps rather than just the one. It dosent appear to have done any harm as im getting the test page on the screen.


Many thanks

GoTo Manager

Re: confused about the GoToTraining App

Hi @keysoft18 


The join link will take you to install the App that you need to join that session. Some organizer use the terms webinar and training when they are actually using our GoToMeeting service.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: confused about the GoToTraining App

Many thanks for your quick reply, it was helpful.


(I did warn you that i am not technical, just a bit confused - lol).


So its normal then to need the "GoToMeeting" app when i click on the "GoToTraining App".


And I need the "GoToMeeting" App to make the connection to the group in the Web Seminar ?