Add More Ways to Manage Questions

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Add More Ways to Manage Questions

Add More Ways to Manage Questions

Currently you can only:

1) key an answer (status changes for all staff)
2) delete - which is for individual organizer not all staff

We need more control over managing the questions, including:

** Add a way to simply mark question complete without having to key a reply.

We answer most questions verbally. Yet in order to clear the question from the board, we MUST type an answer. We get by with "thanks" or "answered verbally", but in a high volume

** Bulk delete, ideally delete that shows for ALL staff
One of my presenters sometimes asks for feedback as if Q&A was chat. Then I end up with tons of "questions" and no quick way to remove them.

(Note, delete and complete are different. Can still see complete depending on if option checked. Deleted ones are gone for good.)

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Any hope something is on the horizon for this?
New Member

Yes, Add a way to mark answered questions