Aggregated visibility for webinar calendars for 3 users of the same company

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Aggregated visibility for webinar calendars for 3 users of the same company

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Aggregated visibility for webinar calendars for 3 users of the same company

Hello- We are a small team (3 users) delivering monthly webinars and we a re looking to see if there is any dashboard/ app/ tool to see to have visibility of the overall calendar of webinars we schedule so we do not overlap.

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Hi Cristina, while GoToMeeting has direct integrations for calendars within Google and Outlook, GoToWebinar does not. GoToWebinar does have calendar invitations that allow you and attendees to add the event to your Outlook calendar.

As for overlapping, if you have multiple organizers on your account, they are able to schedule their own independent webinars with overlapping times, and will require outside coordination to prevent conflicts.

Cristina Dumitr
New Member
Thanks! What we would like is also the option to see automatically when somebody in our team adds a new date- we can schedule multiple sessions no worries but if we have to email& invite the similar target audience might be good to align and not send 2 emails on 2 different webinars at the same time. Ideally this would be like a calendar dashboard for our team that updates in real time when one of us adds a new webinar.
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Hi Christina,
GoToWebinar Organizer logins were meant for just one person.  If you are sharing the same login with different users, I'm afraid this falls outside of the intended use of the system, which means any scheduling conflicts or overlaps would be your own responsibility.

If you have a multi-user plan, then each Organizer can host their own webinars at any time.

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We were told the same thing, so ended up getting three licenses about a year ago...this only caused more issues since we now have to log into 3 accounts to verify who may have webinars scheduled so we do not have a conflict for webinar attendees.  The best thing would be able to have a master account, showing ALL webinars scheduled for our three accounts - but we have been told this is not available, even though it should just be a simple programming update.  AshC mentions "overlaps would be your own responsibility" however, I would think a program like GTW would be able to provide this service to help with scheduling, especially with all the webinars that are now being scheduled.  We are currently researching what others may offer.    

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I appreciate your feedback @DebbieW .  Let us move this thread into the Community 'Ideas' section for later development possibilities to review.