Allow customization of "From" field in emails.

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Allow customization of "From" field in emails.

Allow customization of "From" field in emails.

I understand that you may want to keep the Reply To or the From email address real and verified as the account holder in order to avoid potential spam blacklisting. But it would be great if webinar customization could allow us to change the text name that appears in the "From" field on confirmation, reminder, and follow up emails to participants. Currently the From field shows the name of the person identified as the GTW account holder. That name usually means nothing to the recipients. We would like company-related emails to show the company name as the source of communications.

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GTW Stage: Being able to customize the field for the customer to register, for example: The customer would like to know which company the person is part of.

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When you schedule a webinar, in the email section you can enter an email address other than your account email for registrants and attendees to reply to.



GlennD - I am not talking about the email address in the email section. Yes, the software picks that up and uses it in the confirmation/reminder/follow up emails. Which is great!


The problem is the customizable text field immediately before the email address.  You can change it all you want, but GTW ignores it and still shows all emails as coming from the text name associated with the account holder (or super administrator). We would like to show emails as coming from a different named account for different events.