Audio Notifiers for Raised Hands, Chat Entries, etc.

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Audio Notifiers for Raised Hands, Chat Entries, etc.

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Audio Notifiers for Raised Hands, Chat Entries, etc.

I've been using GTT now for a few weeks, and it would be nice to have an audio notifier (and possibly a more obvious visual one as well) that lets me know when someone's hand is raised, or an entry has been posted in a chat window. This would be similar to what is already done when someone joins or leaves the conference call. Perhaps it could also be done through the phone (organizer only) or through the local PC speakers.

This would be very helpful when I'm running a class of a dozen attendees for 4 hours, have several windows open on a dual-monitor screen, and especially with hi-res screens - to make it more apparent.



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In response to @Giggabyte1 on Twitter:

@gototraining can the Raise Hand button have a beep that could be toggled on and off
Jay Crawford
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I can see where audible alerts may not be an obvious plus for someone conducting a large webinar.  However, in other situations it would be a great help.  Please consider adding this feature as an option.
john w
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I also say this would be so, so helpful. Our company uses gototraining to host worldwide sessions. As an instructor, I have three monitors going, and my focus isn't always on the monitor with the chat window. Therefore, I often don't know someone typed a question in a timely manner. Having a simple audio cue would help immensely. Every time I teach a class, I find myself wishing for this!
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Yes, please consider adding an audio notifier option for chat entries - they are very easy to miss when using multiple monitors.
Training at Saf
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This would be really useful in GoToWebinar for questions in the Questions panel as well.
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Hey there!
Thanks for your feedback on this one!  I'll make sure this idea gets updated with our product team for future enhancements!

Jeff Rensink
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I would also like to be able to enable audio notifications for things like questions, chat entries, hand raises, etc.  Keeping an eagle eye on the interface isn't always an option.
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