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End of webinar popup

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End of webinar popup

GoToWebinar needs a way to display a custom popup after someone closes the webinar window. Webex has this feature, and if you're having a webinar, you're likely wanting to promote a product inside of it. It would be great to be able to send attendees to a certain URL (that can be set when scheduling the webinar) to promotes whatever product the class was about.

Please add this. Our company is thinking of switching back to Webex just because GTW is lacking this feature.

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I use Pre-Recorded / Simulated Live Webinars to deliver sales presentations. What stinks is there is no way to redirect people who watch the Pre-Recorded / Simulated Live Webinar to the call-to-action web page. What would be ideal is to schedule a button or link to appear at a certain time during the presentation. It will also be ideal to redirect people to a link if they leave the webinar before it ends or get to the end. If it is possible to deliver polling questions, survey questions, and handouts during a Pre-Recorded / Simulated Live Webinar event, why is it not possible to schedule a link or button to appear and redirect folks somewhere when they leave early or come to the end?

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