Export all registrations from last year

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Export all registrations from last year

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Export all registrations from last year


I am doing some analysis on last year and I would like to be able to export all our registrations in a single report, instead of webinar by webinar.

Is this possible?


New Contributor
Would LOVE this.  I have my Admin go in every week and cut and past the stats into an excel sheet and it really is a big waste of time, would be great if could export stats from all (or a subset of all) webinars to an excel file.
GoTo Manager
Hi Donal,

Cathie is correct, currently this can only be done by the admin on a GoToWebinar Corporate account (multiple organizer). I have changed this Topic to an Idea, so it can be considered for a future update.
David Hunt
Active Contributor

As someone who runs lots of webinars for several clients, I too would find this a very useful facility.



Client Relation
New Member
We have a corporate account.  Where can we find the instructions for exporting stats/data from all webinars?
GoTo Manager

You'll need to have you Admin login and run the reports. Here is a link to the Admin Center support articles: https://support.goto.com/webinar/help/create-a-report-g2w500018

(link updated 8/30/16) 

Fernando Rizzat1
New Member
This link is invalid. Any news on this area?
GoTo Manager

Sorry about that, I have edited my previous reply and updated the link.

Fernando Rizzat1
New Member
Thank you!
Holly Petersen
New Member
I love the new insights reporting feature, however I still cannot report on ALL webinars at once.
GoTo Moderator
Status changed to: Reviewed by moderator