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Fix GTW Default Messaging

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Fix GTW Default Messaging

I called GTW support today because there are typos and grammatical errors in GTW's registration confirmation landing page as well as in the Registration Confirmation emails. I noticed these because I'm in the process of creating a webinar with a manual registration approval process instead of the automatic approval. 



When a person completes the registration and clicks the "Register" button, they are re-directed to GTW's default confirmation page. This has a big banner across the top that reads "You're Registered!", giving the illusion that the person successfully registered. However, this webinar is set up for manual approval, so in fact they are not registered. This is causing confusion on for our customers. I would suggest either fixing this or making it so we can edit this message. 



GTW has the option to automatically send registrants confirmation emails. I know we have the ability to customize these emails, to an extent. For the most part, I never need to customize them. However, GTW automatically inserts the first sentence of this email and it includes the name of the webinar in quotations. But there is a grammatical error here.  Periods go on the inside of Quotes, not the outside. There is no way for me to fix it because it's a GTW default. I would suggest either fixing this error or allow your clients to do so. 


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Thanks for the feedback @ELEE1 


I'd say this is valid for enhancement consideration when we review these formatting options again.

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