Follow-Up Emails for a Webinar Series

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Follow-Up Emails for a Webinar Series

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Follow-Up Emails for a Webinar Series

It would be great if you could enable Follow-Up Emails for Attendees and Absentees after EACH webinar in a recurring webinar series. I run monthly webinars for my clients and send out a recording after each webinar - I currently have to do this manually as GoToWebinar is only able to send out the recording after the last webinar in the series. 

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Sounds logical.  Thanks for the improvement idea, @CaroCoach !


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I was informed today that Follow Up emails are only sent out when the series ends not after each session of the series. Is this correct? 

GoTo Manager

Hi @Dave42,


That is correct. If you schedule a webinar series, the follow up email is sent once the series is completed.


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@GerardvdA  Hello there, and thanks for your interest.


You may comment on the existing 'Idea' thread so we can keep track of the total interest levels.  I'll merge your comments into the related Community thread already in place.


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may I add these threads to the 'interest list' as well then?


I hope this will increase the likelyhood of this feature to become planned. Thanks.

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What is the use to have the ability to create Webinar series if you cannot have Follow up emails with the recordings and the Certificate of attendance feature after EACH AND EVERY webinar of the series?

We know that the functionality is there because the organizer does receive automatically a follow up email from the system but not the attendees.  Attendees receive only reminder emails for each and every webinar of the series but no follow up emails

GoToWebinar should have the ability to send follow up emails with all of their features including recordings and certificates after each webinar of a webinar series .

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Completely agree. We are in the middle of a webinar series and did not realize we would not have the ability to automatically follow-up with attendees after each individual session. Definitely a HUGE flaw in the email features for a multi-part event. We are having to build a distro list manually and follow-up manually. GTW/Logmein - PLEASE FIX!