Improvements to the Questions Panel

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Improvements to the Questions Panel

Improvements to the Questions Panel

GotoWebinar is an extremely robust and valuable tool for delivering web presentations. But the Questions/Answers UI for Organizers is really low quality. The UI is horrible and the UX is frustrating. It would seem that with a little effort, it could be much easier to use.

  1. Allow panelists to answer questions. Because organizers can accidentally "end" the webinar. And what is the purpose of a panelist if not to answer questions?
  2. When I assign a question to another organizer, it doesn't seem to have any UI indication to that organizer that they should answer the question. Just seems to be a non-implemented feature.
  3. Allow questions to be threaded so that follow up on a question is bundled together. Think about how Facebook comments and replies work. Something like that would be perfect. This is a really nice to have but don't expect something this robust but when you ask for more information, and the participant replies, the reply is disconnected from the original question so it is hard to track. And if an organizer(s) answers twice to the same question, the question is repeated with each answer. Again, hard to track.
  4. Currently, when someone answers a question, and you click on the question, the answer gets truncated so you can't see the full answer. This is really frustrating.

Please put some effort into improving the usability of the questions/answers panel. It is really the only pain point I have with GTW.

Valued Contributor
I'd also like to suggest that the QA be threaded in the attendee reports like they used to be.
Monica Miller
New Contributor
Hi Craig - Thank you very much for the feedback.  I agree that the Q&A part of webinar needs improvements.  I can't commit to timing on the improvements, but it is something that is under consideration and I'll keep the community updated with progress.
Webinar Studio
Any progress? These are all features that seem very logical yet we're 4 years later without any of these improvements.
Active Contributor

I would like to be able to make the font larger in the Questions. I usually use host the webinars, but I had to moderate one today and it was so hard to read the questions, especially as they kept shifting as they came in. My eyes aren't that bad but I felt like I was squinting the entire time.


Would like a time stamp so we can sort them later more easily.


We answer the majority of our questions out loud -- would like to have a simple "answered" button so I can easily sort out the ones we didn't get to during the webinar.



Webinar Studio

Are the lack of improvements to the GTW platform because it takes way too much time just fixing problems?  I've been using GTW for almost 8 years and there have been few meaningful improvements to the platform - many of which are only halfway implemented (example - video playback).


There are many improvements, that seem fairly simple from a users vantage point, that would go a long way with the GTW user base.  Improving the functionality of the questions section is one of them.