Is it possible to customize the Industry field?

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Is it possible to customize the Industry field?

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Is it possible to customize the Industry field?

On the GoToWebinar registration form, is there a way to customize the Industry dropdown field with only the industries associated with our business? For instance, we'd like to remove industries such as Accounting and Advertising/Marketing/PR and then add in a few such as Agriculture and Environmental. 

Adrian Iglesias

Hi Jodi,

At this time, the selections available in the drop-downs can not be modified.  The option to create your own question and leave an open "short answer" box so attendees can enter whatever they like does exist, which may be your best workaround for now.  I do think your idea is a good one and am moving this post to our Ideas section so that it can be seen later on by developers.

Thank you,

Jodi Lee
New Member
This is helpful. Thanks.
Ben Everist
New Member
Hi Adrian, I would like to be able to customize my fields as well. What field would you suggest a company be placed under if they were an Agriculture company? I feel like the current list is very limiting.
Jodi Lee1
Active Contributor

Any update on this new idea? It's been four years and the industry field is still the same. It's very limiting and I'm having to do A LOT of manual work to update the industries to match our CRM industries. It's very frustrating and time-consuming.

GoTo Manager

Hi @Jodi Lee1 


I am afraid not. My suggestion in the meantime would be to create a custom registration question for your next webinar, select multiple-choice with the industries you need as the answer. You could then use that webinar as a template for your future webinars so the registration would use the same questions.

GoTo Moderator
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