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Manually send panelist invitations

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Manually send panelist invitations

I dislike that the second I add a panelist to my webinar, they get an invitation link. And of course I add panelists first thing when setting up a webinar because that info is on the main page -- and it's presented in a popup when I copy an existing webinar. The second I tick that box, the invitation is fired off to the panelist.

One issue here is, that means they may get updates as I create the webinar so their inbox is flooded. They also might get errors. For example, today I scheduled a webinar by copying an old one, but I forgot to change the title. So my panelists all got invitations to episode 10 instead of episode 11. I've corrected the title of the webinar, but my panelists are now confused.

Another issue is, if my panelists are in a different country, I might change the default phone number to that country. Or at least I'd like to make sure that phone number is highlighted or input in their invitation specifically.

I'd like to further edit their invitation to give them instructions to use the same info for the precon and to use a different webinar for a debrief. (And again, why don't we have some kind of debrief feature that ends the webinar for all attendees but leaves all organizers and panelists in place?)

As a result, I often set up a webinar but leave the panelist field blank until a later date, which means I have to set a calendar reminder for myself to add them. When setting up a webinar, I'd love to be able to schedule a date and time when the panelist invitation gets sent. If I'm setting things up too far in advance, the invitations often get lost in the shuffle.

This whole panelist invitation thing could be much better for organizers and panelists alike with just a few small tweaks. 

Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor
Another issue is that the panelist may send their invitation to others thinking it is a generic invitation.  I have to remember to send an email to the panelist before I list them as a panelist to warn them that I will be sending them two emails, one that is just for them as a panelist, and another that they can share to invite others to the webinar.

For this reason I rarely add panelists before the webinar. I usually wait until they connect to the webinar as an attendee, before I make them a panelist.
New Contributor
Yes! That's so not cool. I actually put a regular Outlook calendar entry on our calendars, then I consolidate information for everyone into one email. It's tedious and time-consuming. And they get an email directly from GTW also but it's not clear to them and often gets lost in the mail so I send them the consolidated email.

Now I'm wondering why I don't just send them the attendee link and then promote them the way you've described. Hm...  I know that one guy I have to add as a panelist and then promote to organizer later or he can't see the questions. Maybe that's part of why? (Totally can't recall the details -- and that's why these little things are so irritating.)