Please add the ability to pause, fast forward and rewind on-demand webinars.

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Please add the ability to pause, fast forward and rewind on-demand webinars.

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Please add the ability to pause, fast forward and rewind on-demand webinars.

My organization has a GoToWebinar pro account and we produce on-demand webinars for patients with prostate cancer. According to feedback from hundreds of surveys filled out by our viewers, viewers want to ability to pause or rewind on-demand webinars and do not prefer webinars to be simulated live. When using on-demand webinars for educational purposes it is not user-friendly for viewers. Some viewers with disabilities that can not watch the webinar all at once or who need to rewind to fully understand something discussed in the webinar are forced to watch the entire webinar over again.  


Customer support has suggested we send the video link to users rather than create an on-demand webinar, but we need the full suite of features available on the on-demand backend such as the custom registration, survey etc. 


Please add the option to pause, fast forward and rewind on-demand webinars to make them accessible to all users. 


I totallly agree, it is really not "user friendly" and I am considering changing to another plateform which will respond better to our needs. even if it's a simulated live webinar, users should be able to pause fastforward etc...

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Yes we need this feature too please. Being able to start, pause, restart a webinar makes the user experience much better. 

Thank you


ABSOLUTELY need this functionality! We have a Pro account also. We use Simulated Live Webinars all of the time and have plans to use it more this year.  However, we are now starting to search the market to see what your competitors offer in the "on-demand" department. Our attendees constantly complain that they cannot pause, rewind, forward webinar recordings. Many of our attendees are doctors and nurses who are watching the webinars at work. If they get called away, they are forced to re-register to watch a webinar and start from the beginning. 

PLEASE NOTE: GoToStage does not solve this problem! Yes, you have more control when watching the video, but we as the host of the webinar do not have the ability to collect the same amount of registration information from our attendees. This is HUGE.  I would not want our attendees to attend our webinar using their facebook log-in. That does not allow for proper tracking. Plus, our webinars are designed to  be exclusive. . . not share all over social media. It seems impossible to remove the "share this page" option on GoToStage. 


Please address this issue soon or we may have to shop elsewhere for our webinar provider. 

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Hello, and thanks for your valued feedback here on the Community. 


I recognize the importance of this upgrade, and do know it is being looked at as a future enhancement.  Although I don't have an ETA yet, as soon as we can share updates we will comment again on this thread.

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Please prioritize the adding of video controls. It was a huge surprise that this feature is not included as it's a pretty standard expectation of clients.

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Exactly! This is by far the least helpful feature especially since it used to have a replay feature and it's so basic. I will need to reconsider using this tool if it doesn't get fixed. 

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After spending 6 months trying to work with Gotowebinar to get the OnDemand system to work as it was sold to us (use polls, chat, etc.), we finally cancelled our account. Support staff was rude, false promises were made, I spent over 100 hours doing testing for/with their team to so they could "diagnose" and fix issues. We'd been customers on their basic platform for years and really wanted it to work so that we didn't have to switch to a new system.  We finally had to pull the plug. Although we paid for the system for 6 months and were never able to use it, they refuse to provide a refund. If you aren't getting what you want, pull out now. I've spent so much time with so many people on their staff--I don't think they are going to get things together in the short term and from trying to get a refund, it's obvious they do not care at all about customer service.

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Hi, is there any chance to enable play speed beacause I hope we agree that watching long webinars at snail speed is so time consuming and also boring?

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Status changed to: Delivered