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Polls Change Viewing Window Size

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Polls Change Viewing Window Size

This is an enhancement request for a functionality change. 

Summary: Show polls to attendees without changing the size of their viewing window.

Benefit: Allows screen-capture recording without interruption.

Details: I often have one of my computers logged into our meetings as an attendee. I use Camtasia to capture the audio and video as a failsafe backup to the GoToWebinar recording. I prefer to reduce the size of the content window down to something like 800x600. This lets me capture with better performance and lower file size, while eliminating the need to scale the video during editing. The problem is that as soon as the presenter displays a poll, the attendee viewing window changes size. I have to manually readjust the window size once the poll goes away and normal screen share resumes. This may happen several times in a session if multiple polls are used. Please keep the viewing window at the attendee's selected size when polls are displayed.

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Lova Fitchett
New Contributor
This is one of those moments when another user's TIPS are invaluable!  I love the idea of using Camtasia to record on a second computer as a backup.  Thank you so much for the idea!