Rename Panelists after invitation is sent

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Rename Panelists after invitation is sent

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Rename Panelists after invitation is sent

Hello. It is possible update the name of a panelist without deleting and resending a new invitation? A panelists's name was accidentally spelled incorrectly during webinar set up and I would like to change it prior to our program today. Thanks!

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Hi Lindsey,
I'm afraid those Staff details cannot be edited once created.  You'll have to remove / reinvite them manually.


Lindsey Flick
New Member
Thank you for your prompt reply. Is it possible to submit a request for this feature to be added? 
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Sure thing!


Can we bump up this feature request from three years ago? I run into this all the time. "I'd like to be James, not Jim." "Please add my Ph.D. credentials." "Oops, there's a typo."

Yes, I know how to have them fix it for themselves in-session, but it would be nice to set things up properly as an administrator to make my panelists feel valued with their correct form of address. Removing and adding is a kludge solution, since it sends extra emails to them, which can cause confusion.



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