Using Email Domain to Sort by Organization

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Using Email Domain to Sort by Organization

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Using Email Domain to Sort by Organization

In case this helps anyone else.... my webinars are for state government and attendees can type their organization name many different ways, depending on abbreviations, if they include the state first, etc. This makes it hard view a roster and determine how many from each or how many organizations served. 

After downloading registration or attendee list to Excel, I copy the email column, rename the new column "Domain" and use search/replace to strip off the username text and @. (Search for *@ and leave "replace" field empty.) Then I can sort by domain and have the list grouped by organization.

Occasionally someone will use their personal email, but that's pretty rare. So this helps us when we need to track organizations.

And if we need to standardize the organization name in the spreadsheet, it's much faster to edit when we have them sorted together.

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Your idea is cool.  We can see a few areas where this would be useful.  Thank you for submitting to us to consider.

- The GoToTraining Team
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I do this same thing for colleges. it woud be nice to be able to generate a pick list for org so that I don't have to find/edit all of the different abbreviations and spelling choices for the institution name - especially because some systems have the same domain, although they are technically different orgs.
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Patty - Yeah, it's not perfect. But at least it helps.  For my face-to-face events (different system) I sometimes use a drop down - but then it has 172 organization names!  LOL.