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Visual Notifications of Questions - GoToWebinar

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Visual Notifications of Questions - GoToWebinar

It would be great if the Questions box could give some sort of visual notification that pops up on the presentation screen when a question is submitted.


For presenters/facilitators of webinars, we might have one monitor just for the presentation, another for the Control Panel and Questions/Chat area. While we're focused on one screen, we may not see that someone has entered a question. Even if we're paying attention to the Attendee list, the question mark that appears stays throughout the entire session unless you delete the question - which we may not want to do. So it would perfect if - within the presentation window - a quick notice would pop up saying there was a question.


Anyone else have this issue?

GoTo Manager

Hi @nbryant,


I've labeled this as an Idea for consideration. I think the majority of webinar organizers give their audience set times during the presentation for Q and A.



Thank you Glenn!


My webinars are meant to be more conversational and engaging, so we encourage attendees to either unmute and verbalize questions in the moment - or submit their questions as they come up. This helps with audience interaction, inclusion, and retention of often complex material.


We find that if we wait until the end of session (ours can run 2 hours long), context is sometimes lost and in a rush to get to the next meeting. All questions are important so we want to make sure everyone on the webinar benefits from the questions and answers  - so often disregarded.


Thank you for adding it for consideration - it would be a great help. Perhaps something that could be turned on or off if the facilitator doesn't want the notifications.


Have a great day,


Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

We encourage questions to be sent at any time during the webinar.  Sometimes we address the questions immediately, some times we hold them for later.


If multiple attendees are sending a message that they can't hear or can't see the screen, I want to know it immediately.