Wrong e-mail address registration reporting/notification

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Wrong e-mail address registration reporting/notification

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Wrong e-mail address registration reporting/notification

Hello Go-To,

I'd like to ask a question (or even make a request)
I manage webinars for our customers, and i really enjoy Go-To Webinar !
Though, here is my issue :
- I have some customers registrating but it happens that they make mistakes when entering their e-mail address (one letter wrong or missing...)
- so... they never receive anything from the system (no invitation, nor reminders...)
The thing is : they do not realize they did something wrong ntil the webinar is finished; and I can not track these mistakes in advance.
Question : is it possible to have the abilty to see which invitation e-mails DID NOT WORK ?
(like a report, or notification that)
Would be very-very helpful to improve user's experience, as well as our attending statistics.
Best to all,
Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

Yes, too many folks cannot enter their email address correctly. I hate to ask them to enter it twice on the registration page, but most folks are used to that on other web sites.

GoTo Moderator

@Cédric49  I'm sorry there is no such report for 'active email address'. 


Some users deliberately use an alternate or fake email address when registering for automatically approved webinars.  Some options you could try in order to confirm emails would be to make the registration process by approval only, which then sends out an email to the address on registry once you mark the registrant as 'approved'.   Or, you could manually add a secondary question of "Please retype your email address" to the existing registration page and then compare the two data points for accuracy on your Registrant report.

Active Contributor

OK I see.

I would like to avoid any further "authorizing" process, or second e-mail entry... : registrating has to remain "quick and easy".


So I guess this is a suggestion for new feature in Go-To Webinar !

I am pretty sure it would be technically feasible to report or notify about "failures to deliver" e-mails from the tool. 

= that would be a feature I would agree to pay for, for sure !