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Add params to oauth redirect_uri


When using OAUTH to get access_token, as explained here:


you can add the redirect_url:{clientID}&response_type=code&redirect_uri={redirectUri}

Afterwards the client return to your site, as specified in the redirect_uri.

The redirect_uri must be from a predefined list as shown in the picture below.


I would like to add some kind of indentifer so when my the person return to my site, (to the redirect_uri) I will be able to know who that is.


Right now when the person returns to my site, I only recieve a single param- the code required for getting the access token, but no identifier.


I tried adding params to the redirect uri for example:{clientID}&response_type=code&redirect_uri=

But unless I use exatctly the redirect_uri specifed in the app settings (as shown in pic below) I get the following error:

Error when using  redirect_uri different than specifiedError when using redirect_uri different than specified

So if I have 100 people trying to connect at the same time, and all of them return to my site I can't tell whose code belongs to which person.


Any ideas? thanks



Adding predefined  redirect_uriAdding predefined redirect_uri



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Re: Add params to oauth redirect_uri

Hi, I have the same problem, do you have any solution like use wildcard in the redirect uri?