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New Contributor

Allow one click removal of registered attendee from open registration webinar.

I have to be the millionth person to say this, but why isn't is easier to remove a person from a non-approval-needed webinar instead of this ridiculous set-to-approve, remove, reset-to-open workaround (which doesn't solve the problem anyway)? I do webinars weekly with dozens of attendees - all of which I don't want to have to approve (I need people to get log-in info immediately, and it's an unnecessary waste of time for it to not be) and if I want to remove one person who slipped through, for the money we pay, this should be a one click process. Checkbox - Remove this registration. How much more simple could it be? Why the difficulty? Why the refusal to do this? Others want this, why can't we have it? The workaround is ludicrous because now I have to manually approve the over 100 people that register instead of automatically approving because I want to deny one person, or just deny them last minute so they still get reminders between the time the register and the event start.