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Audio pin question

Hello. Hoping someone can help me figure this out.


When setting up our webinars, we are trying to figure out if there is a way to turn on audio for every participant by default instead of having them enter an audio pin. We are having a lot of issues with participants not entering the audio pin and then complianing that they can't speak, despite sending very detailed instructions on how to connect. 


Searched the community and can't find any answers to address this specific question. If anyone could answer or point us in the right direction, that would be appreciated.


Much thanks! 

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Re: Audio pin question

Is this for a standard webinar?

And I am assuming you are only addressing the Attendees who decide to use a telephone as their audio connection to the webinar, not those who have a microphone and speakers connected to their computer?

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Re: Audio pin question

Well we recently figured out that by default our webinars had VOIP turned off. So attendees had been connecting via phone only.


I did turn on this feature on now, but to avoid confusion, we'd prefer everyone to have audio on and then to just tell them to mute themselves once on the call. I don't think this is the best idea, but what has been requested for me to research. 


I ran across another suggestion to send them the panelist access code instead. Is that the only way to do this?


Thank you for responding.

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Re: Audio pin question

You could give everyone the panelist access PIN, but that would mean that you would not have control over them if you as the Organizer needed to mute someone. 


There is a limit of 25 for the combination of the number of Panelists and Organizers for any webinar.


And even if they were all connected to the webinar as Attendees, you can have only 25 people unmuted at the same time.


Maybe GoToMeeting is the tool you need.

In GoToMeeting everyone joins the meeting unmuted and can mute themselves.


It is rare that I will unmute more then one attendee at a time in GoToWebinar. Most of the time, the Panelists are predetermined ahead of time.

But recently I hosted a webinar for 50 people, where we really should have used GoToMeeting.  As people joined the webinar, I unmuted their microphone, talked to them, and told them to mute their own mic.

This allowed folks to unmute during the meeting if they needed to talk.

Some folks never understood the concept and kept their mic unmuted the whole time. When I noticed that, I asked them to mute. If they did not, I muted them, so we did not have to hear their background sounds that were quite annoying. They had to raise their hand or text me a message to get me to unmute their mic again.


I really hate it when I am in an online meeting, that I am not not hosting, and the host has to keep saying "Will everyone please mute your microphone!"


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Re: Audio pin question

Thank you Chris. I completely understand - that is my exact fear. I appreciate this information and will share with my team and let our leadership determine the best options.


I know it likely goes against best practices for hosting a webinar, but I am doing my due diligence into researching our options as requested so we can determine what is best for our audience.


Thank you so much! Your insight is very useful!