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Auto-recording of Webinars



We run several webinars a week from several computers, these webinars are auto-recorded by the presenters and then I log into the dashboard download them and then upload to YouTube. However, in the last two weeks several of the webinars that we run weekly aren't being recorded on the dashboard. On some it shows a record of them in "past recordings" but there is no video to download but others there is not record of them having taken place at all even though it was broadcast. One of the presenters is using the same computer as someone who isn't having this issue so I don't think it's an issue with the computer itself.


Any ideas of what it happening here?


Many thanks


LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Auto-recording of Webinars

Hi Hannah,

First I'd like to say that if a cloud recording fails, the default is to send that recording to the Organizer's machine instead.  So in your case I would check those computers to see if the files are there.


Secondly, you should never have missing webinars from your history,  It may be important to see if those were recurring or not, with the same attendees or different.  In some cases you may not see a report until the conclusion of a sequential webinar set.


If you are able to reproduce some of this behavior let us know, and please feel free to file a case by calling into Customer Support from one of the affected PCs.

New Contributor

Re: Auto-recording of Webinars

Hi Ash We had our IT guys clear some old profiles from the computer to make more space and that seemed to help. Many thanks Hannah