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New Contributor

Building a subscription Training Class

Hi to all, I need a bit of help in order to understand if go to webinar could be for me.


I would like to create weekly classes to train my clients and I am considering the use of gotowebinar.


I would like to give the ability to my clients to subscribe to my membership and be charged monthly.

I have already build the membership platform and I am planning to use Zapier in order to integrate with the webinar software.

If someone subscribe I need to let her join to the recurring event.
if someone cancel I need to remove her from the event.


Is that possible?

Thansk a mil,







LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Building a subscription Training Class

@galmik  We do offer the ability to create recurring webinars, up to 50 events per initial scheduling.


We do not have the ability to charge recurring fees to registrants, so you would need to use a separate system for this, or have them re-register again for the next set of events.