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New Contributor

Cannot exit polling in running Go2Webinar session

Hi there,


we are completing an online webinar series these days. Today we have had a bug that appeared two times before already and is really impactful since we have to start the session again and frustrate our target group.


Problem: After having completed a survey it is impossible to close the survey result window and return to the presentation.


Solution: After talking to the customer support via phone I learned that it is opening the Task Manager and then closing it again. So done today - unfortunately no change to the problem.


Since this issue seems to be well known, when will it be resolved? We are really unhappy abour hesitating to use the lovely poll function Smiley Happy


Thanks in advance!

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Cannot exit polling in running Go2Webinar session

Hi Martha,

GoToWebinar surveys are only launched post-broadcast.  Did you mean to say that you're launching Polls for your audience members to vote on?


What operating system are you presenting from?