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Chat box features

When I was doing webinar I posted message for the people who joined webinar in midway on chat box.


This saids, 

*please do not hasitate to question us because this is completely anonymous.

*please download the hand outs from the control panel

......  etc.


After I poseted I wanted to check if this is showing to all the participants or not

while I logged in as an organizer, I also joined as an attendees from the different devices(Android and Mac) and my message was not showing on the question section on the control panel.


Also there were some questions which are publically opened but when I logged in with Android(as attendees) there were questions answered  before I join was showing , but whenI logged in with Macbook(as attendees) Questions box was completely empty and only the questions which are anwered and opened after joind was showing on the box.



I was wondaring if Mac user and Windows users Chat/Questions function works differently or not....


LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Chat box features

Hi @osaka_9 

There should be no functionality differences between Mac or PC with the GoToWebinar interface.  Just be sure you are not confusing 'Chat' with 'Questions', as the two are different in the way they operate: 

  • Chat is mainly for Organizers to speak with other staff members, send a welcome or an alert message to the entire audience.  It can be private between an Organizer and Attendee as well. 
  • Questions are a 1-way communication between each Attendee and the webinar Organizers, which can be delegated to other staff members (Panelists) to answer directly, and also share that answer with the entire audience if needed. 


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Re: Chat box features

In the Chat box, where Organizers and Panelists can send messages, be sure to indicate that you want to send the message to all Attendees.  You might have sent your message to nowhere.

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Re: Chat box features

There are differences. On a MAC, in the question panel there is no way to see who has been assigned a question.