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Co-Organizer to Start Webinar Without Organizer There

Hello there!


Our organization has a few questions around the co-organizer links. We have an internal marketing team who handles the set-up and scheduling of each webinar. We are the team with the organizer account. Because of this, we only permit one person to use the backend of the platform. However, this person must start all webinars that are ready to start, despite not being a panelist or organizer associated with the webinar. We’re hoping that through co-organizer links, a co-organizer will have access to start a webinar without the organizer starting it for them.


Is there a way to make this happen? Appreciate all responses. Thanks!

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Re: Co-Organizer to Start Webinar Without Organizer There

It depends on how you define Co-Organizer, but the answer is probably No.


If your account has only one Organizer, then that person must start all of the webinars.  In the dashboard you can assign other Co-Organizers, and within the webinar you can promote someone to be an Organizer, but none of those Organizers/Co-Organizers can start the webinar.


If your GoTo account has multiple Organizers listed, then any of those Organizers can start your webinar.  You pay extra to have extra Organizers listed on your account.  Unless you get some special pricing, you probably pay the same amount to put a second Organizer on your account as you pay for the first Organizer.  The additional benefit is that now with two Organizers on the account, you can have two webinars at the same time.  And you pay for all of it on one invoice.


We have a one-Organizer account, and what we do is to share the single Organizer password with a handful of people.  Yesterday, I discovered someone scheduling a webinar on top of one of mine. It does not happen often, but since multiple people can schedule events that have nothing to do with each other, this can happen.  On occasion we start and run each others webinars if they have to go to another meeting, or get sick, etc.