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Ginny McSwine
New Contributor

Does screen resolution affect how each panelists slides will look in the recording

I just hosted a webinar with 2 other people who are remote and we passed presenter rights around and they eventually came back to me to wrap up the webinar. Now I am watching the recording and my slides appear a lot larger than both of the other 2 presenters in the recording. Why is this happening? How can I get this issue resolved? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
David Hunt
Active Contributor

Yes, screen resolution does have an impact. If you are using too high a resolution GoTo will chop of the bottom portion of all your slides and in some cases it will also chop off the right side too. Please refer to a separate discussion that deals with GoTo chopping of part of the slides.

This sort of thing should be checked during practice sessions, but you should be able to see during the event if someone's screen resolution is causing a problem.

The difficulty is that just agreeing to a consistent resolution for all presenters is not enough. How the slides appear (and what may or may not be chopped off) is determined by the default resolution for the PC, not the resolution you all agree to use. For example if each person presenting uses a pc with a different maximum resolution, the resolution you need to change down to for the slide to all appear correctly will be different for each presenter's pc.



GoTo Manager

Hi Ginny,

David is correct, since we are sharing your screen or the application window you selected, any difference in screen resolution will be visible. One best practice is to combine PowerPoint slides etc into a single deck and present it from a single computer, with each speaker simply taking their turn to talk. This removes the need to switch presenter during the webinar all together and can be easier than trying to find a common screen resolution. 

The issue with slides being "cut off" at the bottom is not actually connected to the resolution your screen is connected to, it has to do with how Presentation Mode works in PowerPoint. 

When Powerpoint is in presentation mode (full screen) and you are sharing the screen with either Specific Application Sharing or Clean Screen a strip will be cut off at the very bottom (the size and location of the default placement of the Windows Taskbar).
This cut off will happen regardless of where the Windows taskbar is actually located (ie. on the sides or top) or how wide it is. It will always cut off the default size/location. Having the taskbar automatically hide does not prevent this from happening.

If the computer has only one monitor, the only solution is to show the entire screen (not clean screen). With dual monitors you can tell Powerpoint to show the presentation on the secondary monitor (the one without the taskbar) and then showing just Powerpoint will not result in this issue.
Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Active Contributor

Hello Glenn, if I understand it correctly it is actually better to use the Share Screen with the regular task bar showing at the bottom? I do not have the option to combine ppt's into 1 large ppt as all my speakers wish to handle their own presentation.  I tell them to use the Clean Shared Screen so the audience does not see the task bar, but when I viewed my most recent recording, the bottom part of the slides was indeed missing.






Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

PowerPoint normally shows full screen, so if you use the "clean screen" feature in GoTo, then GoTo will cut off the bottom of the PowerPoint image.  In GoTo, "clean screen" means to show only the top 95% (approximate) of the screen.


One way around this is, in PowerPoint go to "setup slide show" and set the PowerPoint to "Browsed by an individual (window)."  This means PowerPoint shows in a window rather than full screen. You can size the show window to be the size you want.  Then, in GoTo, you can either show the whole screen or just the PowerPoint window.  Either way, the GoTo audience sees the entire PowerPoint.


The best way to do this is to have a second monitor/display connected to the presenter computer. Then you can share the entire (not clean) second screen. Thus with the PowerPoint show full-screen on the second display, the GoTo audience will see the entire PowerPoint slide.