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Flashing/blinking box in webinars and recordings

Hi, I know a similar issue has been raised before, but nothing in the forums suggests it has been adequately answered.
I've noticed this problem in the past year, and getting worse in the past few months, where box shapes flash on the screen during a webinar (usually to the left and right edges of a presentation, but not in the middle). This is distracting for attendees and also ruins the quality of our recordings.

I've tried multiple different computers (Mac and PC, desktop and laptop), internet connections and locations. All that changes is the frequency of the flashing, sometimes up to several times a minute.

The boxes are usually in the top left corner, and anywhere on the RHS from top to bottom (see screenshot of top of screen).


Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 1.18.27 pm.pngI'd really appreciate more help with this than has already been provided in answers, or will need to look for a different webinar product.


Chris Droessler
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Re: Flashing/blinking box in webinars and recordings

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Re: Flashing/blinking box in webinars and recordings

@hrpevents  I apologize for the frustrations.


This issue should be very rare, affecting some outdated drivers or hardware.  If you have confirmed the same behavior on different computers, from different networks, then there may be something else happening with your presentation material.  Have you already contacted Customer Care to help document the environment fully?