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New Contributor

Get JSON file to show webinars on my website


I have listed several webinars directly on I now just want to take a JSON file and using some JS, list these on a page on my website. 

I have looked at the developer documentation and it all seems to be for adding new data and registering people, but not simply getting an API that I can then program onto my site. 

On it doesn't say how to do this. And I am confused with the OAuth Client Scopes. 

Can anyone advise?


LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Get JSON file to show webinars on my website

@APIS   You can use the GoToWebinar APIs to link the registration questions directly on your own web pages if needed.  Most customers will simply use the GoTo registration link, embedded within a button or other link (like the webinar title or date / time) to lead participants over to the standard registration page.