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GotoWebinar Opener Being Classified as ADWare

Anyone had problems with GotoWebinar Opener? Today I've tried to watch a webinar, but I couldn't because my AV solution detected the executable with hash SHA-256 8d2ef1dd8cdeb3244c0f1a6596871cfc8c07fa56131ba6875273d0 as an ADWare.


I researched and also uploaded this specific version to virus total, but only one engine detected it. But there is an older version reported in a different website as adware also -


I would like to know if somebody had this problem, and if so, if did a deep analysis of the executable.



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Re: GotoWebinar Opener Being Classified as ADWare

Hi alexanderscouto,


What anti-virus solution are you using? From time to time there are false positives reported and have to contact the anti-virus company in question to have them correct this.


Glenn is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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