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Gotowebinar possibly the worst platform ever?

I have been using Gotowebinar for 9 months and I have got to say that LogMeIn as a business is dreadful.  Bad customer service.  Appalling software implementation. 


The latest "update" to Gotowebinar means that as a "feature" you can no longer report on the last 90 days for content that went live before April 5th. 


So a webinar series I loaded in January can only be reported on for the last 180 days and not 90 days. 


No notification of this feature and the software doesn't stop you selecting the dates you want, it is just a mess that is passed off as a feature. The work around will add another 2 hours work at least for me. 


I have spent a week trying to get this issue sorted and finally today I have had a support guy take time to understand the issue. He admitted it was a problem until he escalated it and then said it was a feature and that this enhanced my user experience. 


I regret paying for this pile of rubbish upfront and it seems that my only choice now is to sue them. 


If you're reading this and thinking of buying this product then my advice would be don't. Run away while you can unless you just want a basic webinar platform and don't mind paying a premium. 

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Gotowebinar possibly the worst platform ever?

I apologize for the loss of funcionality with some of your GoToWebinar reports. 


Based on those specifics, we can build a case for added improvements to analytics and reportings.  I'll check on your support notes to see what evidence can be leveraged internally.


New Contributor

Re: Gotowebinar possibly the worst platform ever?

It won't achieve anything because a "loss of functionality" is actually a "feature" in the bizarre world of LogMeIn inc. 


What is even more annoying is that you don't tell anyone about these new "features" in advance or explain why (apart your drones being rubbish at coding) you have created the feature. 


Here is the problem:


1) Create a webinar to stay "live" in Jan 2019 called "101 reasons GotoWebinar is dreadful"

2) Due to the content you get a fair few views (we will test this when I start posting the above on YouTube) 

3) Go to Analytics and select dates (in my case April 1st to June 30th - because quarterly reports are useful right?) or just select "last 90 days". It's an option right?

4) Press build a report and...

5) The webinar has dissapeared from the menu and you can't report. 


BUT the new feature gets better because


6) Do the same as above but click the Last 180 days and you can pull whatever report you want. 




But, Tin Robot, I already know who attended the webinar betweeen Jan and March. I don't want the report to duplicate that information. 


Well, thanks to the geniuses at GtW the only option is to sort the data by registration date and manually delete it from the report. 


I often wander passed the London office for LmI - perhaps I should stage a protest outside or go in and wait for a Dev to show his face so I can explain in simplistic terms how software development is meant to work. 


In the meantime - who do I email for a Subject Access Request?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Gotowebinar possibly the worst platform ever?

Great.  Thanks for creating a case with our Support group.

Based on what you've stated here, you are looking to create a Recorded Webinar report from January of 2019, for the period of either April - June, or January - March, essentially 1 quarter at a time?

New Contributor

Re: Gotowebinar possibly the worst platform ever?

That is correct. 


I have already done the Jan to March report - I am contractually obligated to deliver training reports each quarter. 


So I now need April 1st to June 30th. On October 1st I will need to pull the reports for July to Sept. etc 


I am told that due to the new feature / borged programming by the drones I can only report on webinars created after April. 


It would seem that every poorly delivered release the system gets worse under the gloss of new UI or "feature".


Every support call I have ever had innevatably has a "let's switch back to the old view to test it there". That is pretty shocking for a software company like LMI.