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New Contributor

Help with doing a webinar practice run

Hi there!


I've just inherited our GTW platform and have a couple questions regarding doing a practice run, following our first attempt this morning which was a little bit messy!


We want to conduct a practice run a few days prior to our webinar  with the full team of organizers and panelists.  


  • Do we use the 'real' webinar in our dashboard to conduct this test using the practice functionality?  Or should we set up a separate practice one?
  • Do organizers/panelists use the log in details they were provided when then webinar was set up?
  • Does an organizer have to go in before everyone else joins and turn on practice mode? Or does everyone join first and then we start with practice mode?

We had some issues with both organizers and panelists getting into the webinar, as it was saying the webinar wasn't due to start for 2 days and therefore they couldn't get in. 


Any help or insight would be much appreciated!