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Keynote vs. GoToWebinar

Hi all,


We have scheduled a webinar for tomorrow, but it turns out the speaker has prepared a Keynote presentation. Usually, we share our screen and give the keyboard and mouse control to the speaker, but so far, the speaker has always used a PPT presentation. We do not have a Mac at the Office. I'm concerned about using a Keynote presentation, from the speaker's home instead of a Ppt presentation at our office. Is it possible presenting the Keynote presentation? Do you have tips? Can we convert the Keynote to Ppt, at least to have a back-up presentation in case something goes wrong or what do you suggest? 


Thanks in advance! 

Chris Droessler
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Re: Keynote vs. GoToWebinar

Presenter using Keynote should not be a problem if you are showing the presenter's screen.


Keynote allows an export to PowerPoint.  If the Keynote is basic, then it should convert well.  You might have to change a few font sizes, since your computer will have different fonts than the Mac.  If there are complex graphics or extra text boxes in the Keynote, then those may not translate well into PowerPoint.


I have spent days converting Keynote files into PowerPoint.  I usually have to copy and paste individual items in Keynote over to PowerPoint.  Text has to be passed through a third-party text application to strip the font information.  If not, you can end up with text boxes in PowerPoint where you cannot change the font size.


Quickest way to do this is to have the presenter Export the Keynote file to Images / JPEG High Quality.  That will create a JPEG file for each slide.  Import those images into a PowerPoint file, one per slide.  You loose any animations, but there might not be any.

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Re: Keynote vs. GoToWebinar

Thank you, I have spent quite some time to convert the Keynote presentation to Powerpoint, as the presentation indeed contained animations, and we preferred to keep the control by presenting from our screen rather than the speaker's screen.