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Recording Doesn't Attach 2 Times Now!



I just held a webinar today. We used the webcast version and the recording usually processes automatically. This time, it made me manually convert and upload to the recordings page. 


I attached it to the event and it said it was attached, however, the follow-up emails still didn't include the recording. This has actually happened to me twice now. (See history on my account, as I called support but they couldn't even tell me what happened.)  See how the screenshot says it's attached? But the button wasn't included in follow-up to attendees or absentees.


Need to make sure this doesn't keep happening as it causes many people to email about the issue - eating up time out of my busy day!


Please let me know if you need details.


GTW issue.png

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Re: Recording Doesn't Attach 2 Times Now!

@webinarsctct  The Online GoToWebinar Recording function should only switch to a local recording when there is the possibility of a recording glitch on our servers.  When this happens, I'm afraid there is not a way for the system to link the local recording to the followup emails without your intervention.  This behavior should only happen very rarely though.

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Re: Recording Doesn't Attach 2 Times Now!

It appears that the followup email is attaching the recording that does not exist rather than the one you just uploaded.


When you uploaded your recording and attached it to the webinar, it was probably attached so that if someone arrives at the webinar registration  page after the webinar is over, they will get your new recording. 


There is a separate setting for the "attendee followup" and the "absentee followup" email messages.  See the attached screenshot.  This screen looks different right after a webinar before the followup emails are sent. At that time, it has a place to attach any recording to each of these three items.  You have to attach the newly uploaded recording to both of these followup messages before they are sent out.


I usually have the system send out my followup emails 2 hours after the webinar. That gives me time to edit the recording and upload it, attach it three places (new registrants, attendee followup, absentee followup), before the followup emails are sent.


GTW Recordings.png