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New Contributor

Screen tearing on recorded videos

Hi, I've just started using GoToWebinar instead of GoToTraining and am using the auto record function during webinars. After watching the recordings back I've noticed that throughout all of our videos there are a couple of boxes which keep quickly popping up and disappearing again.


I managed to take a screen shot and after speaking to support they said it was screen tearing and that the cause was our internet connection. 


I've tested it on two different devices, on two different internet connections, and two different locations in the UK and am having the same result. 


Has anyone come across this before and have any ideas of how to get around this without upgrading our already capable internet connection? It's making our videos look really unprofesssional.Screenshot 2019-05-10 at 16.23.22.png

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Screen tearing on recorded videos

@ajv  Sorry for the inconsistency there.


I am not aware of an issue specifically like yours.  Did you say that you also tested out the localized recording to compare with the online version?

Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

Re: Screen tearing on recorded videos

This same problem has been going on for many years.


There does not seem to be a documented solution to this problem.  It is possible that updating the video drivers on your computer might help.  This sounds to me like a more plausible solution than a bad Internet connection.



New Contributor

Re: Screen tearing on recorded videos

Hi Chris, thank you so much for pointing out these other conversations. 


All devices used to record sessions so far have been made using MacBook Airs, and all software is up to date. I've just tested it on a colleague's Lenovo and have managed to record a clip with no issues - so am starting to think it is a Mac issue. 


Will test a few more and see if I have the same result.