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Video Starting from Beginning when Joining Webinar

This is a pretty urgent issue that we need a resolution to. We uploaded 5 videos (.mp4 files) to our webinar, which is currently happening live. When someone enters the webinar during the video playing, it starts the video from the very beginning. We were expecting it to just pick up wherever it is during the live broadcast, just as it would if we were showing our screen as opposed to showing a video.


It's the exact same issue described here, which does not seem to have ever been resolved:


I experienced the same issue after it being reported in our chat. I'm using a Mac desktop, High Sierra version 10.13.16.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Video Starting from Beginning when Joining Webinar

@BenCummings  I apologize for the unexpected playback behavior there.  This issue seems sporadic in nature, and we are still tracking new instances to see if there are any environmental factors involved, or if it's just a random failure of the video streaming services...


Some variables I'm unclear on include:

  1. How long was the MP4 video being played?
  2. Were these prior GoTo recordings that you saved locally, or downloaded from your online account?
  3. How long into the broadcast did the playback problem occur?
  4. Were you playing multiple videos, or just the one primary?  If multiple, were other videos affected too?


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Re: Video Starting from Beginning when Joining Webinar

@BenCummings  We may be getting closer to the source of the issue here.  In the meantime, you should be able to schedule Webcast webinars to both force the browser join, and have better, expected behavior when streaming videos (so far we feel this is isolated to Classic webinars only).


New Contributor

Re: Video Starting from Beginning when Joining Webinar

Hi Ash,


Thanks for your reply. We played five videos (all uploaded to the GTW webinar in the Videos section) throughout the course of the webinar, all of which were 20 to 25 minutes in length. They were all saved locally on my desktop computer, and then uploaded directly to the Videos section of the GTW webinar.


The first video was probably playing for about three to four minutes when I left the webinar and then joined back in, at which time the video just started from the beginning. I then tried this again later on in the webinar while a different video was playing, and experienced the same issue. I do not remember exactly how far into the video this one was, but probably around halfway through (10 minutes in of a 20 minute video).


Please let me know if you need any other info. Thanks!