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Specify the format of attendee and registration reports

I run lots of webinars. For each one I produce at least one (and usually more) registration reports than then attendee reports after the event.

To have an Excel file that is useful to me and my clients I have to edit the file produced by GoTo to move columns into the order I want (making them more logical than the order designed without much thought by the GoTo developers). I also hide or delete some information that I either do not need or is less important. I do this so I can print reports out that are easily readable and also have the most important information visible on a screen without too much scrolling back and forth.

This takes 15 - 30 minutes for every report, so accumulates over time to be very time-consuming.

Please can we have a simple reporting facility that allows us to

  • specify what event header information we want to see at the top of the report

  • specify which columns we want to include and in which order

  • see the actual country names rather than some meaningless country code

  • save this report specification for use on all future events.



LogMeIn Manager

Re: Specify the format of attendee and registration reports

Hi David, thanks for the detailed Idea and explanation of your requirements, however the comment about our developers was not needed or constructive. I'd appreciate it if you would refrain from that in future. 
Glenn is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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Re: Specify the format of attendee and registration reports

I  do apologise. But no end user would have laid out the columns in the order provided nor would they just provide country codes instead of the actual country. The code is no use for a mailing address without converting to the proper name.