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Trouble adding handouts during the webcast

Today during a webcast, one of the organizers who was logged in did not have the ability to remove or add in handouts through the control panel or through the web interface (using Chrome or Firefox.) There was simply no option to add handouts during or remove the handouts that were already uploaded before the webinar. Both of us could not add  a new handout using the web interface, but one of us could add and remove from the control panel. This is very odd behavior because for years and hundreds of webinars we could always manage handouts during the webinar from the control panel and the website. 


I noticed there was  system maintenance earlier today. I am reporting this because I wonder if the problem we experienced was related to the service changes. We have another large webinar tomorrow. I am hoping this will be reported and resolved.

Fran Simon
Engagement Strategies
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Re: Trouble adding handouts during the webcast

@Fran_Simon   The system maintenance did affect access to product websites, which in your case would be handling the handouts management.   Let us know if the problem persists currently. 

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Re: Trouble adding handouts during the webcast

@Fran_Simon  We've looked deeper into this, and it seems to be affecting multiple accounts.  As soon as I hear more information regarding the issue I'll update this thread.