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Video upload

On our last seminar we uploaded a video, which seemed fine at first, but then after checking it 1 hour before the webinar started, the image was distorted, so I deleted the video and tried to upload it again but then received an error ("We apologize, but an error has occurred. Please try again.").  So my question is: is it possible to upload a video once the webinar has already started (cf. uploading handouts or adding polls during webinar) ? And if not, what is an alternative solution when you want to share a video during the webinar, which has not been uploaded before? If you add a video in the ppt. presentation, there seem to be no sound sharing it through the webinar? What if the presenter wants to show more than 5 videos? 

Thanks in advance, 


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Re: Video upload

Sorry you are having problems with your meeting.


Unfortunately, not all MP4 files are created equal. Some MP4 encoding methods do not playback on various devices.


You cannot upload a video to share after the webinar has started.


If you play a video from your computer, like part of a PowerPoint presentation, the audio will not be heard.  We have suggested that GoTo allow us to do this.


You could play the video on a second computer using a external device to convert the output of that computer to a webcam signal.  The ATEM Mini has been discussed here as a solution.  One drawback on that is that music will not play well.  If the audio for the video is just a person talking, it should be fine.