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New Contributor

WEBCAM BUG on Android device

Hi, our attendees don't see the panelist webcam when using a device with Android 8, 9 or 10. Anyone has the same problem? Is that a known bug? 

We already tested with 3 different devices (Pixel 3 XL - Android 10, Huawei Mediapad M5 - Android 9, Samsung Galaxy S9 - Android 8) and they have all the same problem.

Hope to find a solution soon.


New Contributor

Re: WEBCAM BUG on Android device

We keep having the same issues with panelists and\or organizers sharing the webcam. On Android 8 devices only a webcam is visible, when a second webcam is shared, it doesn't appear on the attendee screen. On newer Android devices (9.0, 10.0) the webcam doesn't appear.

You can see the different scenarios here:low-android-bug-1.jpg