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New Contributor

Webinar Pro payment returns "invalid input" error.



We are trying to open a new account for GoToWebinar Pro but after completing the card + billing form and clicking the purcharse button an error appears (after showing the spinner for a moment).


The error shows a red cross in a circle and this message

Entrada no válida
07--2020-03-XX XX:XX:XXX


(message redacted)



I tried from different computers but just one credit card (corporate card)


Can you tell me what might be the problem?


Thanks in advance.



LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Webinar Pro payment returns "invalid input" error.

Hi Rod, 

I would first check your credit account to see if an attempt was made to purchase GoToWebinar.  And if that card allows for direct debts on a recurring basis, then I would try again in 24 hours.


For additional information about the status of a purchase you would want to call directly into Customer Support.