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Wirecast and GotoWebinar

Hy there, i used GotoWebinar and the Software "Wirecast" for years, but since some updates it does not work anymore ;-( "Wirecast" produces a virtual web-camera (from my professional cameras) which is not recognized by GotoWebinar anymore ;-(  I phoned with the GotoWebinar-support for bearly 2 hours but they could not help. System: MacOS Catalina,  Wirecast 13.0. i also tried to downgrade all products - did not work. i am looking forward to yout help! All the Best Andreas

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Re: Wirecast and GotoWebinar

Hi Andreas,

I am interested in this problem, even though it remains in 'unsupported' territory.  Have you reached out to Wireshark at all to see if there was something they changed or have looked into from their end?

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Re: Wirecast and GotoWebinar

Hi AshC,

thank you for your answer - i am in contact with wirecast-support - they say that GotoWebinar must have done some changes in their software, which MAYBE does not support virtual webcams anymore.


We tested wirecast virtual webcam with skype - there it works - so the concusion is that the error is on GotoWebinars side...

Who can fix this?

Or do you know an other software which works with GotoWebianr - to stream 2 different cameras to GotoWebainr?


Thank you for your Help!

All the best Andreas

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Re: Wirecast and GotoWebinar


What happened is that GoToMeeting enabled a certain feature of macOS 10.15 Catalina called "hardened runtime". With that feature enabled, GoToMeeting is no longer able to use any virtual cameras on the system, not just Wirecast's.

I found a note from our Engineering team: The only way to fix this is for GoToMeeting to add the following entitlement to their application:

Please forward that to your contact at GoToMeeting Support so that they can fix the issue in their software.



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Re: Wirecast and GotoWebinar

Thanks for your patience.  We plan to close this gap in an upcoming sprint, and I expect a full resolution soon.