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Re: entered instead of a name.

Any update is appreciated.  Being able to report on attendees is a critical part of our process.  The ability to log who received information, training, etc is vital to our use of the product.  Without this information, we have a big issue considering we work with government regulated users who need proof of certain actions.

Thanks in advance for any update, assistance, or fix.
LogMeIn Manager

Re: entered instead of a name.

If you have any recent webinars where this has happened, can you please email me the webinar ID? Send it to

Please note that with GoToMeetings attendees are not required to enter their email address. 

The GoToMeeting desktop software only requires a name when an attendee joins a GoToMeeting, the email address has always been optional. The desktop software remembers any name and email address entered and automatically uses it when joining all future meetings. You can force your attendees to use the desktop software by logging into your account, selecting Settings from the menu and unchecking the Web App option.
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